“We produce authentic work of the
Highest standard, delivered within
the set deadline at all times.”

Leseli Creative is an Advertising & Marketing Agency specialising in Native Languages as its primary form of communication. We are a business to business agency that not only delivers the message in the most relatable way, but remain an authentically African agency driven by market analytics to understand our clients’ market a little better than the clients themselves. We champion the use of local languages in branding not only as part of nation building but as a significant contributor to the evolution of South African marketing.

We thrive on bringing ideas to life and moving souls with our messaging. Most importantly, we excel in building a strong relationship between a brand and its target audience by using the right platforms of communication. In a fast changing media world, we always make it our priority to ensure that any message being conveyed through our advertising is in par with the rapidly changing environment. Whatever our clients’ chosen media, we combine our extensive knowledge of visual

communications with strategic marketing insight to produce excellent, powerful, and relevant content that delivers.

The core aim of the agency is to grow it’s clients and ultimately our country. We think strategically and consider the big picture by looking at the short and long term goals as a whole; we ask relevant questions; we get to know the target audience before we start on any given project.

Marketing & Strategy
Brand Audit and Corporate ID Development
Brand Activations and Events Management
Signage & Publication design
Website Design and Digital Marketing
Brand Management